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Professional MCIM qualified digital marketing and technology specialist based full-time in London. Confident working in National and Global companies. Effective strategic knowledge targeting both B2B and B2C customers through digital technology and strong experience working inin FINTEC, Retail, Publishing, Construction, Trend Forecasting, Science and Residential sectors.

Proven expertise delivering high performance ‘digital-first’ multi-channel multimedia content and design. Knowledge of Analytics, SEO, PPC, Display, Social Media and affiliate marketing. Have produced high performance digital andcontent strategy.


  • Professional Marketing, Design and Digital expert in London since 1999 with MCIM qualification and BA Honours Degree.
  • Confident operating at international level in global organisations.
  • Creative thinker with strong ability to craft innovative ideas that resonate with customers and business stakeholders.
  • Proven record of implementing successful content and digital strategy.
  • Excellent editorial judgement and ability to create multi-channel multimedia content such as video, animation and infographics.
  • In-depth knowledge of current Technology, Marketing and Digital trends.
  • Good understanding of Google analytics and reporting tools.
  • Strong project management, team leadership and decision-making skills.
  • A strong communicator, both written and verbal.
  • Qualified and experienced innovation guide (Inventium certification).


  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM)
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours (BAHONS) degree in the subject of Visual Culture from
    Falmouth College of Arts, Cornwall.


37 testimonials from senior industry professionals listed on my LinkedIn profile: http://go.ju5t.in/linkedinprofileview. I can provide additional references on request.

Video Production

Below are 2 examples of video production work that I’ve created from scratch. These video’s are displayed here purely for evidential purposes to demonstrate my style and abilities.

Extra to my job as Senior Digital Manager at Lendlease Europe, I engaged with the Consulting team who had the challenge of wishing to promote their services and offerings through digital and Social Media channels. As part of my pitch to the team I created a video using extracts from existing Lendlease video footage, Lendlease project photography and some short snippets of video on YouTube and edited it together with a modern soundtrack. The aim was to give a sense of how a modern advertising company might tackle a promotional video. This video version was never used but it here as part of my portfolio (with kind acknowledgement and thanks to Lendlease for permissions). The music used in the video is an extract from KYGO’s ‘Piano Jam’ available in full here: soundcloud.com/kygo/piano-jam and used with kind appreciation. The footage and music was edited together using Final Cut Pro in my own time. For more information about Consulting at Lendlease visit: go.ju5t.in/ConsultingAtLendlease

Graphics and Design Examples

2012 – 2016

1999 – 2012

Career history in my words

Throughout my career I have taken roles in sectors that have required the biggest disruption and digital transformation. As a result of this I have gained a huge amount of professional experience in digital strategy and creative content roles since 1999, across a wide range of sectors (including Publishing, retail and construction) in London.

During the last 5 years I have delivered successful digital and content strategies for global construction, trend forecasting, publishing and global event sectors.
This work focused on cross-channel marketing and PR solutions that span print, advertising and social medias. I have in-depth professional knowledge of digital communication and community building, enabling effective WoM selling, SEO, PPC, digital marketing, customer service delivery, analytics packages, CRM and user experience. I can develop and market brands from scratch or maximise existing products and services by developing community engagement, advocacy, reciprocal link-building, affiliate marketing, targeted content and product placement.

Alongside the strategic roles I also have a strong creative and imaginative background running through my career, having designed and delivered award winning websites (Nature Publishing Group), commercial retail seasonal campaigns (Comet Group) and video and graphic media (Top Right Group and Lendlease).

In previous roles I have combined my creative and strategic approaches to technology, and digital transformation. Utilising knowledge of traditional production and visual psychological theory, I provide an imaginative approach to solutions, which internal and external customers find engaging and refreshing and powerful.

Customer behaviour is at the heart of everything I do – from my Art school Visual Culture degree (the cognitive psychology of visual representation to convey meaning) – for the purpose of achieving a return on attention, return on investment or call to action from a customer.

Areas of Expertise

Past and current work ranges from Financial Publishing to Construction; and from high street electrical products to fashion trend forecasting.

Website specialist

Guaranteed effectiveness

I specialise in creating websites that enable business automation.
By learning how your business works, your goals and aims, I design and build a digital product that requires minimal maintenance at the lowest cost. This helps a small business get on with what they do best.

Design specialist

Guaranteed effectiveness

I have expertise in designing graphics, logo’s and branding for businesses by combining art and design theory with neuromarketing and psychology.
My graphics tell the story of your business and have a positive lasting effect on your customers and their relationship to your brand and products.

Marketing specialist

Guaranteed effectiveness

My professional knowledge of Marketing comes from over 3 years of working in global businesses in sectors such as Publishing, Retail and Construction. All my maketing knowledge is focused on the following:

  • Brand awareness

    Whether it’s a business, product(s) or person, associating your brand with the right content will mean more of your target market will see the brand.

  • Lead generation

    Your site can collect more information on potential customers so that you can target your market efficiently.

  • Customer engagement

    Customers interact and find more value in your content, personalising their experience of your brand, and become more likely to want to work with (or purchase from) your business.

  • Selling

    Whether it’s a product service, your digital assets must generate an ROI. I help you sell more product and measure this, to ensure the investment is paying you back.

Working with you

I have 17+ years of strategic digital experience and have delivered successful digital products and campaigns for national and international business. But that doesn’t mean I blind you with buzz words. I take care to be as clear and straightforward about making business strategy work by creating amazing value in ideas, design or websites. Whatever I’m doing I try to work to deliver a digital product, service or solution that:

  • Creates excitement

    Excitement is great for idea generation and thinking outside the box. I positively promote difference and alternative views from people and teams I work with, as it almost certainly will help hone the final output.

  • I believe I can contribute to, and help develop to a high enough standard

    Everything I do must be completed at the highest possible standard and quality, whatever the budget.

  • Will make the world a better place

    I care to look for the spark in everything I do that can help enrich lives, solve issues, and/or improve things for people. Producing morally sound solutions not only helps make the world better, but also helps business connect better with customers and the marketplace.

  • Is a good idea

    All the most innovative and disruptive ideas were challenged and rejected at first. Knowing how to challenge and disrupt the marketplace is about proving value and understanding the real, underlying problem. I have completed accredited business Innovation guidance training, and these skills are put into practice every day.

I like helping organisations maximise potential by creating solutions that deliver a strong return on investment, intelligent customer insight and brand loyalty through good customer service.

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Justin was born in the United Kingdom and holds a valid UK issued European passport, National Insurance and driving licence. Since 1999 he has lived and worked in London.