How to get unlimited storage out of a free 2GB Dropbox account

In Apps by Justin

These days you are nobody if you don’t have some form of cloud based storage or file share going on. Don’t blush – you have a Gmail account right? Cool, so all your Gmail email is stored in a cloud. Phew!

But what about storing your most used files online – ready to access from any computer?
What if you also want to be able to share those files with a select few people, yet keep them hidden and private from others?
Finally, what if you are a very busy person and don’t have room in your life to have to remember to select the files you want to store online at the end of the day? …
I mean, you don’t even remember to carry your USB stick around with you! Well then, Dropbox is for you.


I’ve been using Dropbox for about 3 years at the time of writing this article and it has really changed my way of working for the better.
I save all my working files to my Dropbox account – as I work on them. Dropbox sees my files as they are saved and automagically synchronises them to a secure online replica of my working folder on my computer.
It also synchronises these files extremely quickly by only copying the changed data rather than the whole file each time I re-save – which is great for businesses that are concerned with huge attachments in email slowing down the network.

Simply share your file or folder with a colleague and not only can they access the file instantly, but they also always have the latest version.

But here’s the clever bit about Dropbox … The software keeps old versions of files as well as deleted files on the system for the user to revert back to, or recover.
This is an excellent feature as it means that not only are you now using secure storage for your files, you have a safe back up option and the ability to transfer files to multiple others without distributing the file through email or FTP, but also you now have subversion (a backup of changes made to your file) for around 30 days.

So, back to the point of this article…

How to get (virtually) unlimited storage out of the free 2GB Dropbox account.

First of all I should just point out that my girlfriend explained to me how to do this – so this is her idea not mine :)

Drag and drop up to 2GB of files into your Dropbox folder.

Wait for Dropbox to synchronise (check in your online space that all the files are present).

Delete all the files from your computer Dropbox folder.
Again wait for Dropbox to synchronise (check your online folder that all the files have been deleted).

Repeat steps 1 – 5 until you have transferred all the files you want.
Once at the computer you want to transfer the files to…

In your online Dropbox folder, click ‘show deleted files’.
Here you can see all of your files – more than 2GB worth (which is your allowance for free)!
To restore the files as required…

From the list of deleted files, highlight up to 2GB and select ‘undelete’ from the ‘More’ menu.
Copy the files, once restored out of the folder and repeat step 1 again until satisfied.
I hope you found this useful. As you can see it’s a simple way to ultimately transfer files as well as temporarily store them for a limited period, but you should consider purchasing a data plan from Dropbox if you are wanting to do this kind of thing with more ease as this is more than a little bit clunky!

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