Capture your life soundtrack

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IFTTT for iPhone - Intro Screen 01Have you ever wished you could find out what you were listening to on any particular day in the past?
If the answer is No, then you can stop reading now and have a look at some cats, here, otherwise keep reading…

Basically to get this working you need to have the following tools and accounts:

First make sure you have registered your LastFM account and downloaded an app such as their LastFM Scrobbler. The scrobbler records what you listen to through your iPod, iPhone or iTunes account and adds it to a list under your LastFM profile. Other people can then go to LastFM, and follow you or talk to you about the tracks you Scrobble.

Once the above account and scrobbler are up and running and you can see your list of tracks in LastFM, the next thing to do is log into your IFTTT (if this, then that) account. IFTTT is essentially a genius web-tool that creates connections based on actions between two Social Networks. For example:

IF: I play a tune and it gets Scrobbled in LastFM, THEN: post a link to the tune to a Google Calendar.

IFTT: If LastFM, then Google Calendar

A visual representation of the IFTTT recipe.

Luckily at this point all the hard work is done, as IFTTT lets users create these kinds of connections and actions between accounts, and share them. So here’s one I made earlier which takes the track you Scrobbled via LastFM and posts it (with a link) to your Google Calendar:

Simply click the link above and add it to your IFTTT account, pointing to your own LastFM and Google account.

Job Done! But if there’s a simpler, or more refined way of doing this, I want to know.