Midnight in a Perfect iOS10 World

In Music, Video by Justin

Showcasing the power of Apple iOS and iPhone7, this film was shot, edited and produced only using iOS and iPhone7.
The 8 minute film features a soundtrack by DJ Shadow and serves as the inspiration for making it.
Dedicated to my Nephew Declan, who is just starting out in world of DJing, I wanted him to have a listen to the amazing Endtroducing album by DJ Shadow [ amzn.to/2jI7Xw0 ] to get a feel and flavour for the kind of music that inspired me in the 1990’s.

The video features me and my small collection of vinyl, together with some recent shots of London at night, filmed on my iPhone7. The footage was then manipulated within ProCam app before being imported into iMovie to be edited together. ProCam allowed me to create the various effects you see and iMovie provided the easiest way to bring the various edits together. The hardest part of all was actually importing sound effects such as the record pips and scratches at the beginning of the video; as I had to save to Dropbox and then import to iMovie. I’m always keen to learn how others approach this, so please do leave a comment with any thoughts.