In Apps by Justin

EyeEm a photo sharing app with filters looks set to replace Instagram as the amateur snapper app to go. Currently rising in the app charts EyeEm is one to watch in terms of popularity for the network and potential API uses.

However, my personal love-you-long time photo app and online tool of choice has to be (and still remains) the grand-daddy of photo sharing: FLICKR.

Flickr is growing younger by the day having taken a leaf out of it’s younger rivals and produced an iPhone app that is absolutely tip, top, simple, efficient, feature packed and a nice blend of social with photography kit for on-the-go editing.

I highly rate the Flickr app as a support to their online site, but interestingly I have a hard time convincing my colleagues and, perhaps more importantly the current crop of IT Project planners to look at Flickr API as a serious contender for embedding into new apps.

Check out EyeEm (eye’em) free on iOS for iPhone here:EyeEm

Check out Flickr at Flickr.com.