Run a simple incentivised registration campaign

In Marketing, Social Business by Justin

I am putting together a competition and to enter it you just need to register. I want to know if there was anything in particular that I should be aware of when it comes to this kind of campaign?

Things to consider, mainly around T&C’s:

  • Competition T&C’s should be published and available to view with any competition outreach providing a link to these.
  • T&C’s should contain a start and end date and details of the prizes as well as what would happen if you don’t have the prize (say a fire breaks out).
    • You should also state that the winners are drawn randomly and by an independent 3rd party (e.g. The receptionist picks numbers corresponding to your spreadsheet of potential winners).
    • You might want to state that this is a random draw from the total number of registrations received that week (if you can’t match the reg’s to the social accounts) and simply use SM to advertise the draw.
      • This way you could take the total number of registrations over each of the last few months as an average and see how many more or less you got via the competition.
      • Stating that it’s a random lottery draw, allows us to bypass the gaming rules and regs.
  • You should also use a campaign tracking link for GA and Webtrends to monitor the campaign and match the traffic by source to the registration page.