Sharing infographics

In Marketing, Social Business by Justin

Do you know a way in which I can embed a share button within an infographic, that will allow it to be shared on social media?

So, two options here:
You can embed a link in a PDF, so if you are providing the PDF then that’s sorted.
The issue here is that PDF’s are not easily shared by others in the way they want to – e.g. On their own timeline, blog or site, so a share button kind of defeats the object as a user is really just going to share the link to the PDF (that you provide) rather than share the actual info graphic image.
You could take the original image file and upload it to a website page and embed the link.
This is a preferred option as the info graphic is instantly viewable from a browser and can sharing can be done using a standard share button that is already in the browser (e.g. The ‘Pin-it’ button etc) or by sharing the link to the page. Again this kind of negates the need to have an in-built share button.

The virility of a product or object is made up by:

  • The usefulness or knowledge it contains
  • The exclusivity or first-to-market data it contains
  • The ease of transferring or sharing.

It’s the latter that is at it’s best with a GIF or JPG image as this can be viewed, emailed, re-shared etc super easily.
With that in mind a clear and present Brand LOGO with URL is the most important thing an info graphic should contain.